JoeDaisy painting courses
JoeDaisy painting courses
JoeDaisy painting courses

Cat teaching oils in painting classes

Hi Kat
'It was an amazing experience and I would never have believed you could get me to paint a portrait in just a couple of days!'



Our Philosophy is "To Bring Out The Artist in YOU"

We are different - we are told - because we teach you to paint LIKE YOU and not us!

We are here to advise you how to create a great painting NOT to 'judge' you or bring in our 'personal likes or dislikes' but to show you how to paint WELL and like YOU!!

We have students of all ages in our studio coming to us to learn to paint and they generally say 'what a great group' Painting is fun and should be fun - our tutors make it fun but very rewarding and full of unique tips. Most people also say ' I never learnt so much in one day'

So Come along and see how different we make it!!

Tel: 0118 9483155 Studio Hours 8.30am-6.30pm Monday to Sunday (7 days week)



Painting classes



We don't want to boast (too much!) but we have been told we are the best art course. We do have TEN secret weapons(!)

11 NOW!! We´ve opened our own Guest House!!

1. Caroline(!) and her artists - all trained by Your Master painter and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. click

2. All your quality Professional materials provided (Students have said using the best Professional paints and brushes we supply makes such a difference)

3. A course designed EXCLUSIVELY to give you the best content and teaching click

4. A Professional Art Studio in a Grade II Listed building, located in an outstanding conservation area click

5. Complete Professionalism & experience,

6. Outstanding testimonials - click

7. Lovely friendly staff who do their utmost to make your time in the Studio the very best!

8. Non Prescriptive courses (we don't tell you to sit in front of something and paint it but teaching and guidance is given at ALL times. Plus emphasis on developing YOUR Style) click

9. After Service: a) Help by email. Ask Cat or Caroline any question and she will reply within 12-24 hours. She gets lots of emails from students who have attended the courses - asking her how to improve the painting. What first colour wash. How they can 'simplify' a scene etc.
10. You can come into the Studio and use the space and materials anytime you want to *(Subject to availability)

If you are already an accomplished artist,
we don't teach you to suck eggs(!) You can
contribute to all of us, we'd enjoy swapping
notes. It's always great to have another
good artist in the group.

We also concentrate on areas you want
to explore.

Refreshments are available all day.
We cater for vegetarians and any
special dietary requirements.

We encourage fun, laughter and creativity!

We know we offer the best - our aim is for YOU to achieve





There is a particular space in the Studio where EVERY STUDENT who choses this space always creates GREAT paintings!!

We don't know why!

IS IT the light in this space? (Shouldn't be. The painting studio is light and airy everywhere)

IS IT the 'karma' of this particular space? (Perhaps the elements are just perfect for painting in this particular space!)

IS IT a magic easel? (NO! Most of them are just plain awkward to adjust!)

IS IT Caroline's favourite easel? (Might be!)

We have the best sable brushes for watercolour painting and the best brushes for acrylic painting. Plus painting knives.

You have your own area with a professional easel, painting table & designer high stool - Dr Glob - Kartell!

You have use of all the equipment; pastels, oils, acrylics, prime, pigments, mediums etc and complete freedom to explore the whole studio.

Plus the most expert tuition in all aspects of painting.

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, water and wine all day.

Tuition is concentrated on creating 'Fine Art' - paintings that have longevity because of their composition.

*Composing a picture. *Focal points, *golden section, *tones and values, *light and shade, *using colour, *glazes & techniques through to *more advanced methods and use of *mixed media.

*Making a canvas, *priming a canvas and some *special and unique tips on guaranteeing a well composed and created painting.

Every approach is from a professional aspect. But we know it's fun, enjoyable and you learn loads!



JoeDaisy painting courses

JoeDaisy painting courses
JoeDaisy painting courses