Painting Weekends

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'A truly great artist will be able to paint anything'
cat croxford begin acrylics painting weekends


Cat has amazing technique in painting with acrylics. The finest element of acrylic paint is the drying time = long enough time to work/blend and short enough drying time to work again!
You do NOT add water to acrylic paint = that makes it 'watercolour!' This means using a GREAT acrylic paint or you will find a cheaper paint gets 'sticky' We show you what to use.

We use PROFESSIONAL acrylics which do not dry and become tacky or need a medium to make them stay wet.

Cat has a great sense of humour and endless patience with impeccable knowledge. Ask her anything and she has the answer! click for dates

begin portraits


Cat's Portraits were featured in New Artist Magazine May 2016 and one of her student's was selected for the 'Portrait Artist of the Year' competition

Cat teaches you all the elements (called canons) of the face. She helps you understand 'tones' (the dark and light areas) that help form contouring.

Cat shows you how to draw out, brush marks, colour mixing and much more

A lovely basic Beginners Portrait course to understand how to approach painting a portrait. click for dates

There is 1 'Advanced Portrait' course this year and Cat can also teaches on a 'One to One' basis.

cat croxford

One of Cat's HUGE portraits for commercial spaces

Cat Croxford


Cat will show you painting techniques, mark making and how to create 'LIGHT' in your 'Impressionistic' Paintings.

Cat has developed her own style 'Impressionistically' and she will encourage you to develop your own style

Our Painting Course are About YOU = we show you the skills and then leave you the time to develop yourself.


cat croxford oil painting


A Great artist is usually an explorer.

A Great artist has an inquisitive mind and discovers what each medium (watercolour, oils and acrylics) + mixed media will work for every project.

Whether it is creating portraits, or landscapes, Cat will show you how to work oil paint. click for dates

The power of oil? It's all in the BLEND AND TECHNIQUE

acrylica painting weekends on paper


Learning the skills with acrylics on paper, a very different approach and great for beginners and improves alike.  

We take you through the basics of how to use the acrylics, composition and you have a set of every colour in Amsterdam's range to use to create vivid, detailed and exciting works!

Paint alongside the tutor on Saturday, experimenting with the large range of colours and expressive brushstrokes, auditing all the skills needed in creating your own compositions on the Sunday.  

Framing of your works will also be available to allow you to take home completed professional paintings. click for dates

"Cat really stretched me into a new place in my head and opened doors I didn't even know existed, for me; she was great.  I came away with a new sense of purpose and a whole new dimension to my painting. The tuition was encouraging and direct without being intimidating or opinionated and the high quality of materials made the whole process a real pleasure.The group was just the right size and the eclectic mix of personalities was really great; I have made some friends in the process. Thanks again for a relaxed but highly rewarding experience". Ed
cat croxford
Cat is an amazing tutor with outstanding testimonials

'A truly great artist will be able to paint anything'

Caroline Hulse Abstracts

Caroline Hulse Abstracts

Caroline Hulse Abstracts


Caroline does not let you 'throw paint around'! Or move it around with foreign objects (too easy, too silly and too random with no authenticity)

Caroline thinks an abstract painting should tell an amazing story and keep the viewer interested. She only creates Fine Art Paintings. You will learn how to approach creating an abstract in different ways. This is a THINKING abstract course as well as explorative.

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Caroline Hulse Abstracts

Caroline Hulse Abstracts

Caroline's abstract painting in a restaurant in Marbella (Except they hung it SIDEWAYS!)

Impressionism Caroline Hulse

Impressionism Caroline Hulse



A 'Genius' Impressionistic Painter, with great vision Caroline & Cat use acrylics as they should be used = amazing technique. They do not and should not be mixed with water because then you have watercolour! It's about tonality and acrylics, if used properly have amazing tone.

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Impressionism Caroline Hulse


Special abstraction courses

Special abstract painting courses

special abstract painting courses


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Caroline is in 2017 offering you a concise Abstract Painting course in her own painting studio (Magic Easel)

Caroline's Abstract Paintings are generally created on stretched canvas. (Ready to hang) She uses the best Golden acrylic paints & Michael Harding oils in her own studio. Caroline also uses spray paint, hand made paint and mediums.

Caroline works to 'Concept' and creates a series of paintings (usually around 12/15 paintings) in each series. A Mood Board (The mental workings behind the visual imagery) is created for each series of works.

All her paintings are original and each has a very strong idealisation behind the mark making. 'Strong Ideas' Complicated paint techniques


Caroline Hulse abstract painting courses

Caroline has painting and prints in major Offices, hotels, restaurants and Public Spaces


Caroline Hulse watercolours

Caroline Hulse watercolours

Caroline Hulse watercolours



It is said that watercolour is the most difficult of mediums. Caroline does not think so.

It is very easy. Fun, exciting and totally brilliant!

Caroline does watercolour courses on a 'One to One'

Caroline Hulse watercolours

Caroline Hulse watercolours

Caroline Hulse landscapes

Caroline Hulse landscapes



Caroline's Landscapes are created from sitting in the landscape and creating what she sees.

Caroline thinks that this brings her back to 'Normal'

She also thinks it is great training to understand colour, mark making and proportion of space.

Caroline's Landscapes are either very real or impressionistic. They rarely reach the web site. Most landscapes are now done to commission.

Caroline Hulse landscapes

Caroline Hulse landscapes

"This is above EXCELLENT. This was the BEST two days I've ever spent painting. I painted in acrylics, oils and mixed media. Learnt everything I thought a degree course would cover - in JUST two days. Couldn't believe it. STUNNING. Caroline is the best tutor I've come across, immensely talented but able to COMPLETELY assess our needs and correct our painting. BREATHTAKING - HONESTLY it's such a revelation to find something like this. I think she needs a medal or tea with the Queen OR SOMETHING! Thank you SO much!" Sue

Caroline is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and listed in the Public Catalogue.

Classically trained, her paintings and prints are in many public spaces, offices, restaurants and hotels.

Primarily an abstract expressionist, she is also internationally renowned as a landscape colourist.

Caroline Hulse International artist
Caroline Hulse International artist
Liz Chaderton  
Begin watercolours with Liz Chaderton

A visiting watercolour artist.

Liz has paintings in many galleries throughout the UK

Liz shows you how to work watercolour paint


In Many ways

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Heather Miller  

Heather is a Professional Artist creating images full of colour, mark making and light.

A Great Impressionist.

Heather has paintings in galleries and undertakes commissions.


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JoeDaisy painting workshops
JoeDaisy painting courses