Painting weekends and painting classes
JoeDaisy studio painting weekends and painting classes


A 6 week painting course (1 day a week) - which takes you through from composition to concepts and everything in between.

Homework is given. All art materials are supplied. An intensive 6 week painting course.

The 6 week course can be in oils, acrylics or watercolour.


Venue: JoeDaisy Studio, Dons Yard, Mapledurham, Oxon RG4 7TP. Tel: 0118 9483155 click for location

JoeDaisy Studio, Mapledurham


FRIDAYS. A snack lunch is included.

We understand if you want to take the course over more than 6 weeks (some students like 2 weeks in between studio attendance - to undertake their homework and personal learning) - if you have to miss a week because of holiday, previous appointment etc - that's fine = no probs!

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