'A truly great artist will be able to paint anything'

Impressionistic painting weekends

Heather Miller tutor


Heather is a born painter (some people are!)

Immensely talented with a natural eye for colour, light and mark making !

A wonderful personality, funny, charming and listening.! click for dates

I would like to say thank you for this wonderful weekend.
It has been a real pleasure to be there.
A big thank you to Heather who was wonderful, encouraging and helpful all the time.
She was a brilliant tutor and made us all feel special.
These two days with Heather were an eye opener for me and made me look at painting process in a bit different way.
I am planning to come back to JoeDaisy Studio because I want to come out of my comfort zone and develop with painting.
You really helped me to relax and reminded me what I really want to do in my life. :)
Thank you very much again for this wonderful experience.
Kind regards,





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