Painting Weekends

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1. Why are you different from other art course providers?

"You really are an excellent teacher...allowing each member in the group to develop individual style,  sharing your time equally between all of us ( no favourites, very important!) In fact, you were really like some kind of super painting angel flitting between us all  offering advice and making suggestions, lifting flagging spirits as we all wrestled with this desire to create ! Thank you so much !" Rose

JoeDaisy studio painting weekends
The Studio is in the hamlet of Mapledurham, in the shadow of the historic Mapledurham House.

For lots of reasons.

i) Our tutors teach you to paint LIKE YOU(!) and not like them. Our courses are about 'Bringing Out The Artist in YOU' and NOT 'tutors showing off'!!
ii) You use the best PROFESSIONAL materials.
iii) The Studio is a Grade II listed building - has a great atmosphere and 'feel'. The Studio is secluded and tranquil .

"I had no idea that the studio was in such a pretty location….Your web-site doesn’t say that it’s a no-through road and not plagued by cars ….likewise the B&Bs (we stayed at Neal’s Farm which was also fantastically tranquil)". Jenny

iv) Outstanding testimonials.
v) A course designed EXCLUSIVELY to give you the best content and teaching
vi) Lovely friendly staff who are committed to treat everyone INDIVIDUALLY and concentrate on your needs and talents.
vii) Respect that you could turn out to be better painters than us - so 'non judgemental' courses - just excellent professional advice and teaching.
viii) After service. You can contact us by email to ask about any aspect of painting and help.
ix) After you have done a course, you are welcome to come into the Studio anytime you want to *(Subject to availability)

2. Are the courses suitable for complete beginners?

"I had to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed the beginners weekend – Thank you again for your patience, clarity of instruction and above all, passion for your art – you are a true inspiration". Lynne

ALL of our courses are suitable for complete beginners. (Except Acrylic IMPROVE) But each course contains different elements of 'thinking' 'approach' and 'painting'.

We know painting is all about 'personal development' - so you choose what interests you most in painting - click for courses

The very best courses for beginners are our starter courses - click where the Tutor paints with you, showing you compositon, brush control, technique, focal point, tonal values etc. Everything you need to know to start painting. We call this STAGE 1. All your art materials are provided. The weekends are fun, relaxed and rewarding. You go at your own pace and your tutor is encouraging, patient and non judgemental. For all we know you could turn out to be better painters than us - so we are not here to judge - just to give you excellent teaching and professional help.


Impressionisitc  painting weekends
Beginners Course - We really do Bring Out The Artist In YOU!

3. I am more advanced than a complete beginner but would like to learn some professional painting. What can you do for me?

'This is Brilliant. I don't know how you do it. Such energy, such enthusiam, such exceptional teaching & great products. As I think I told you - I've spent 3 years at art school and never learnt any of what I learnt with you. I think I said during the weekend 'this is brilliant' at least 321 times! ' Nancy


All of our courses offer you professional painting. Most of our students tell us they have never learnt what we teach them - some after 3 years at Art School(!)

Even the basics of 'preparing your canvas' and 'composition' have never been learnt. Then of course, there is knowing which brushes and paints to use. We still get students from art schools wanting to learn 'technique'.


4. I would just like some time painting as a holiday/weekend break

Every year we go somewhere abroad for 7 days = but you need to put your name down for this overseas holiday = it gets booked up as soon as it is announced.

Painting Holiday Sicily



Our courses are relaxed & educational but fun. Our tutors are the most relaxed (but enthusiaistic and encouraging) Professional Artists you can find(!). They all want you to have fun and enjoyment on the courses. JoeDaisy Studio provides a great environment, the best materials and as much teaching as you require. The artists pay their attention to YOU and if you just want some relaxation with painting, that's what you can have. YOU control the pace and we will just adapt to your requirements. Our Studio is in a tiny hamlet of Mapledurham, a million miles away from 'real life'! Quiet, peaceful, relaxing and a great get away.

The studio is in a Grade II listed building - so lots of atmosphere. The surrounding countryside is the River Thames, stunning trees and landscapes, as well as strong architecture - a great church, the famous watermill and stunning old houses.

5. I want a painting holiday overseas

'Never enjoyed anything more" Sara



As Alex is now living in Macau, Caroline had to close the Marbella studio - she couldn't run it without him - very sad but there is a new art studio opening in Marbella - run by one of Caroline's students. Ask us for details

7. I'm a bit scared about turning up by myself

Joan said
"I was feeling excited but scared when I arrived, in fact I sat in the car for ten minutes! As soon as you walk into the Studio you feel OK. Caroline is there with a big smile and welcome - then you get a cup of tea or coffee or water (even wine!) and meet everyone else - it was great. Loved it, can't recommend it enough. Thanks to Alex as well for the help and endless cups of tea! "


Don't be! You are with like minded people who all just want to paint.

No-one criticises and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Our artists are the nicest, friendliest, experienced artists you could have and the courses are so wonderfully crafted that you have no need to feel tense or worried!

8. I am a Professional Artist - but I'm a bit 'lost'. Can you help?

Brian said:
!This weekend was different, we were thoroughly spoilt with the best of everything. I've never been on such a good course. Feel as if I've crammed whole degree in one weekend! Thanks Caroline. I will be back!


We certainly can - the courses cover so much that you will go away inspired and exhilarated and have learnt things you never knew before - so we've been told!

Most people say they've learnt more from us in 2 hours than 1 year at art college or evening school

9. Do I have to bring anything?
  Nothing except a picture/photograph or some drawings you may want to copy. Except the Beginners STARTER course where everything is very easy and simple for you. Look at the programmes - click
9a. What do I wear?

Caroline's work shoes!!


Clothes that you don't mind if they get paint on them. Any paint except watercolour is impossible to remove from clothing.

Our Tutors always wear casual clothes and Caroline & Cat are always 'scruffily' dressed - well "weirdly" dressed in her very painted clothes - they are usually "quick" and intuitive painters and wipe their paintbrushes on their trousers!!

10. Do you provide painting overalls?
  Yes, we have aprons which people borrow to cover their clothes. They are washed after every use - obviously they still have paint on them! (Acrylic and oil paint are impossible to remove from clothes) But they are fresh from the washing machine

11. Do I take all my paintings home?
  Of course - everything you have created - which will often be drawings as well.

12. I'm coming by train. How do I get to you?

If I've come by train or the paintings are too large for my car - what happens then. How do I get my paintings?


We pick you up from Reading Station and take you to the Guest House (if you arrive Friday night). OR we pick you up around 9.30am on the Morning of the course and take you to the studio.. (Only for Guest House students)

We courier your paintings to you.Robin will arrange for the courier to collect and deliver to you. In fact everyone who paints in oils usually waits for the painting(s) to dry and then either comes and picks them up or we courier.

13. Do you charge for sending our painting to us?
  Yes, we have to. You will appreciate the courses are a fantastic bargain, with all your professional materials included. The courier charge is £45.00

14. Are the materials really included in the price?

In case you didn't know 'Da Vinci' are one of the best Professional brushes and our paints are always 100% pigment and 100% binder - so the best quality.



Yes, they really are! Everything is included, paints, brushes, canvases, paper, etc

We are a professional art studio, so there is every kind of material you would wish for!

And PROFESSIONAL materials!!

15. Do I have to pay for anything when I come on a weekend or day course?

Nothing, everything is included in the course. Materials, tuition, lunch. Refreshments, tea, coffee, water, juice - even red and white wine are available all day.

Evening meal is not included. Accommodation can be provided depending on your choice of course.

16. Do I have to take notes during the course?
  That is up to you. We send you notes after the course.

17. I'm a vegetarian - do you cater for me?
Of course, you can even tell us what you would like for lunch but generally lunch is a fresh buffet; salad, cheeses & fruit. Fresh bread.

18. I'm coming by myself, I don't want to eat alone in the evenings. Can you help?

Usually the group go out together in the evenings.

20. If I don't need accommodation, is there a reduction in price?
  Price for 2 days painting WITHOUT accommodation is £300 Accommodation for students on a Painting course in our Guest House is £45.0 per night

21. Why do you get booked up so quickly?

JoeDaisy Painting weekends

  Because we offer very exclusive programmes, with all your professional materials and our Artists really are exceptional teachers.
The aim of the courses is to bring out the artist in you. There is nothing 'standard' or 'prescriptive' about our courses. They really are ALL ABOUT YOU and your artistic development and anyone who has been on the courses, will tell you the Studio, the materials, and the teaching is exceptional.
22. Has anyone complained about your courses?

'This is Brilliant. I don't know how you do it. Such energy, such enthusiam, such exceptional teaching & great products.
As I think I told you - I've spent 3 years at art school and never learnt any of what I learnt with you. I think I said during the weekend 'this is brilliant' at least 321 times! '
Nancy - Feb 2009

"I would like to thank you very much for a
most fantastic week end. I really enjoyed the wk end & learnt so much ! Your approach is so good  . The time passed so quickly & although we were all working so intensively for the two days, I felt exhilarated , very uplifted & invigorated!.

"Just wanted to thank you both for a fabulous weekend. I am feeling very depressed this morning as the reality of work has hit and all I want to do is paint. You are very clever Caroline, and your teaching is brilliant! The whole atmosphere of the studio was lovely and Alex's hospitality was appreciated. The paintings from Saturday have already been put up in my two daughters' bedrooms, but I think 'Whitby' will be a 'work in progress' for a long time. Hope to get back as soon as possible probably on the abstract weekend" Jane

JoeDaisy Studio Painting weekends


NO! There are Questionnaires you can fill out at the end of the courses - everyone has raved about their day, week or weekend and no-one has ever said we can improve in any way!!

FOOTNOTE. Tracy Stone has asked us to change this page and state that we have had a complaint from her.

The complaint was received on 9th November 2009. 12 days after her painting day on October 28th. She joined the first day of a 2 day course and had approximately 6 hours of painting tuition. The tutor was painting with her all day, demonstrating composition, focal point, tonal values and brush techniques. She used the best professional brushes and paint and a large canvas. After the day she told the tutor she would have liked to come back the next day but was unable to. (During the day she did not express any discontent with the course, although she had brought along a photograph she wanted to paint but elected to paint our image instead).

The complaint from Tracy Stone stated she had not received the Painting Day that was offered. In fact she had more than is stated. 6 hours (instead of 4 usually given on a Painting Day) of painting demonstration and excellent painting tuition and techniques. She requested in her email - another Painting Day at HALF PRICE - having already had the best Painting Day possible!

I guess you can't please all of the people all of the time. If anyone has a complaint about ANYTHING on our courses, please state them at the time and we can then take remedial action. We are committed to outstanding service and tuition but can't really do anything 12 days AFTER the event! Thank you!!

23. How long have you been giving these courses?

"Caroline was brilliant - she has a unique ability to inspire and encourage yet pointed out my shortcomings in a refreshingly direct yet unintimidating way. I learnt a huge amount. There was a great atmosphere in the studio - we were really made to feel at home and relax. Fantastic tutor, great work space, terrific atmosphere. What more could anyone ask for?" Ed

JoeDaisy painting weekends


Caroline has been teaching for over 20 years and has been a professional artist all her life. She has represented 'Britain's Painters' - is described as a 'Master Painter' and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Her paintings are in important commercial spaces and in private homes. She has honed the courses to perfection. Caroline is listed in the Public Catalogue - alongside, Turner, Hockney and all the greats.

She only choses the best artists as her tutors - not just artists who are excellent at what they do - but have patience, clarity of instruction, encouragement and an ability to assess your needs and assist your own personal painting. We have been in our Studio in Mapledurham for 12 years.. Incidentally although it looks like a beautiful house it is only Caroline's & Cat's Studio - they don't live there!

You are encouraged to make the Studio 'your home' for the weekend. Really relax in the space. There are no doors you can't open - no materials you can't use - everything is there JUST FOR YOU!!

24. Can I take rests during the course, someone told me they are excellent but demanding!

The course was outstandingly good. Intensive, yet somehow relaxed and inspirational. Course content just flowed from one subject to another with ease &, exceptional cleverness, so I was learning without being lectured! I'm sort of in shock as to what I acheived and after three days I'm still marvelling at how much I learnt in a casual but exceptional way. Quite incredible! Bob

JoeDaisy Studio Lounge
Part of the Upstairs Lounge


Yes, the courses are demanding but very well planned - with sensible breaks and talk time. We like to think that at the end of the course you will be able to paint anything because you learn about composition, tonal values, use of colour etc - absolutely everything you need to get started - or carry on painting - but professionally!

We have a 'lounge' area where you are encouraged to take rests, read the art books, have a cup of tea or coffee or water or something. You can look at the paintings in the gallery. You can always help yourself to water, wine or soft drinks from the fridge

25. How many are in a group?

JoeDaisy Studio Painting weekends


Maximum of 8 on the weekends (which we have been told is a perfect group number!) - 6-8 on the weeks and usually 4-7 on a Painting Day. You can have a one to one with Caroline or Cat on a Painting Day in the week. Or you can join 1 day of a 2 day weekday course. (subject to availability)

Telephone 0118 9483155 to arrange a 'one to one' day. The price is slightly more forone to one tuition.

26. How do the intensive 12 week painting courses vary from the painting weekends?

JoeDaisy Studio painting weekends


A 12 week Intensive Course is 1 day = every other week for 12 weeks. With homework every week.

We start at the beginning with composition and cover as many elements as possible on the 6 weeks - culminating with you creating a 'series' of paintings.

Caroline is very encouraging on developing 'contemporary' works. The Studio are leading coporate art suppliers and often the students work on the courses is so good that it can be placed in one of our many 'corporate' spaces. Caroline has taken on quite a few artists to represent. look at www.artfor to see The Studio's Corporate work

27. I've been on courses where the Tutor/Artist spends her time painting her own paintings - or thinks a course is just him/her painting their own painting - do your artists?

This is above EXCELLENT. This was the BEST two days I've ever spent painting. I painted in acrylics, oils and mixed media. Learnt everything I thought a degree course would cover - in JUST two days. Couldn't believe it. STUNNING. Caroline is the best tutor I've come across, immensely talented but able to COMPLETELY assess our needs and correct our painting. BREATHTAKING - HONESTLY it's such a revelation to find something like this. I think she needs a medal or tea with the Queen OR SOMETHING! Thank you SO much! Sue


Our painting courses are very different = your tutor paints in demonstration and then concentrates on your personal development.

We have been told our teaching is very original and a 'perfect' balance of teaching and then leaving you to paint.

Our tutors will paint any time you want them to.! The difference is we want YOU to learn to paint = NOT US, the tutors showing OFF!

28. When I've done the course - is there any support you offer?

You can email the tutors any time with any questions on composition, what colour first wash etc etc.

Also you can come and use the Studio and the materials any time you want to - on a week day. Subject to availability - just telephone us on 0118 9483155 to book a day. You only pay £60 - for the whole day, which includes paint but not a canvas. Small supplement for oil paints. (Fantastic service! and unique opportunity!)

29. Sounds fantastic - what is the down side?

It was  a great weekend. I really enjoyed it  and liked the work you helped me produce.

As I said at the weekend you delivered exactly what it said on the 'tin'. Give my regards to Alex. Big hug to you both Noor


There is no down side - everyone will tell you - we deliver what we promise.

Everyone in the Studio is welcoming and friendly and makes you feel at ease and most people come back again and again.

30. Ok - so how do I book?
  Look at the Course programmes click - and you can either book online - there is a facility against each weekend/course. We have the best and safest ecommerce provider - EPDQ. Or telephone 0118 9483155 - the Studio is open 7 days a week from 8.30am to 6.30pm
31. I want to get a painting course present for someone - how do I do that?

JoeDaisy Studio painting weekends


Click on our 'Vouchers' page click Vouchers are valid for 12 months and it is very easy for the recipient of the Voucher to book. He or she just telephones us on 0118 9724502 and tells us when they want to come. Dates/Prices - click

32. I have more questions to ask

JoeDaisy Studio Painting weekends

  Please do, we answer all emails within 12 hours - generally within 4 hours - email address is
or telephone 0118 9483155 if the line is engaged - or you get the answer phone - we really are engaged - so leave a message or call again.
33.Why have you opened your own accommodation? With JoeDaisy Guest House?

JoeDaisy Studio Guest House


We are into 'Well Being'!! We wanted to make our painting courses a COMPLETE experience with accommodation also reflecting our high standards and creativity. We are always looking for new ways to offer the very best and now we think we have cracked it! Your painting course with accommodation should now be a WHOLE painting experience. Just come along and see. Then TELL US!! We really do look forward to seeing YOU!

35. The JoeDaisy Club   Every Tuesday Mornings (All form) and Thursday Mornings (Portraits) we are offering a social club painting atmosphere, with trips and exhibiting click

JoeDaisy painting courses