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We use a great acrylic paint which does not have chalk or any additives - so remains wet and creamy.

Our courses are designed for you to have a great journey learning good acrylic painting. Start with BEGIN, move on to IMPROVE

An, exciting course on how to create 'an impression' of something
- to get strong emotion and the brain interpreting.

Time to 'Loosen Up' and really be YOU!!

Colour, brush marks, energy and a 'vision' all contribute to creating a strong emotional response to a painting.

Loosening up brings out the real YOU!! We show you how to approach an 'impressionistic' style. How to work, how to get vision and how to interpret.

A really exciting course which will get your teeth tingling, your mind whirling and your senses in overdrive!!



Begin impressionistic acrylic painting

1st Day Typical Programme
2nd Day

9.45am Arrrive at JoeDaisy Studio. Refreshments in the upstairs lounge. Meet your fellow students and tutor.

10.0am Choose your painting station. They are all the same with professional acrylic paints, DaVinci brushes, palette and painting knife etc

10.05am Your tutor paints with you, explaining composition, how to use acrylic paint, brush marks, colour etc.

Refreshments are available upstairs at all times. Help yourself to tea, water, coffee even wine!!

12.30am Lunch. A fresh buffet in the upstairs lounge. (Please advise if you have any special food requirements)

1.0-1.30pm Back to painting

4.30 Start preparing your canvas for tomorrow.

5.0pm Day ends


Arrive at 9.30am on the 2nd day.

You can choose to paint a 'still life' or bring in a photograph of something you want to paint.

Everyone has individual attention

12.0am lunch in the upstairs lounge

12.30-1.0pm Back to painting

3.30-4.0pm Day ends

JoeDaisy painting courses