'A truly great artist will be able to paint anything'

Caroline Hulse abstract painter

Caroline Hulse Abstracts



Caroline is professionally trained and has been painting for over 50 years! She is highly creative and had outstanding knowledge. She paints every day.

Caroline works in oils, acrylics, watercolour and mixed media.

Caroline has paintings and prints in major offices, hotels, restaurants and public spaces.

She is listed in the Public Catalogue = alongside Hockney, Turner and all the greats.

Caroline works to 'Concept' and creates a series of paintings (usually around 12/15 paintings) in each series. A Mood Board (The mental workings behind the visual imagery) is created for each series of works.

All her paintings are original and each has a very strong idealisation behind the mark making. 'Strong Ideas' Complicated paint techniques

Caroline wants YOU to be an even better painter than herself! click for dates

Caroline Hulse abstract painter

Caroline Hulse watercolours


Caroline 'Makes the Water Work' = which is the basis of watercolour!

It's important to follow a 'PROCESS' in watercolour

Opaques first and then Transparents.

Carolime uses Proper watercolour paints (pigment with gum arabic)

NOT acrylic paint with water!

You can have Caroline on a 'One to One' click

Or a WATERCOLOUR painting day click

Caroline Hulse watercolours

Caroline Hulse watercolours

Begin oil painting


Caroline has been painting in oils for 50 years. Processes and products have moved on greatly in that time. Making it much less smelly (no turps at easel).

Ideas have changed as well, traditionally a dark underpaint was placed on the canvas but now a plain white (gessoed) canvas is favoured.

Caroline can teach ALL the ALLA PRIMA (all in one go) processes of oil painting on Begin Oils click

A longer course is necessary to learn the 'traditional' (7 layers) oil painting method.


about abstract art and teaching abstract art


Caroline teaches Abstracts on a 6 month course. click

Caroline teaches 12 week Intensives click

Very rare to find an amazing painter who is an amazing tutor. Excellent. Thanks Jim

Caroline Wow, what an amazing weekend! Huge thanks, Caroline, for being such a great teacher – so encouraging and motivating. I’m dreaming in brushstrokes! Sarah

Caroline 'Thank you so much for your total genius! Inspiration and general loveliness'. Sally

Hi Caroline,
I wanted to say a huge thank you for a fantastic weekend. It was a great introduction to abstract painting and I can’t wait to do some more!  An exceptional teacher and a wonderful two days.
And I appreciated your patience and kindness. Sophie

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Caroline in International Artist Magaziine

Caroline in Berkshire Life Magazine




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