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Begin portrait painting

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Painting in acrylics this Beginners Portrait painting weekend gives you all the essential information you need to start painting portraits.

With Cat Croxford, a brilliant tutor and Professional Artist

DATES 2018

12/13th May click

1/2nd September click

24/25th November click


Hi Cat

I had such an amazing time Cat....thank you so much for being a wonderful calming teacher and for making it the most enjoyable "training" I've had for a long time.

Many thanks for an eye opening experience. Joanne



Cat is, we are told, by many students, the best Portrait tutor around.

1st Day We first of all understand the structure of the face (canons) and create pastel /charcoal drawings. + An acrylic portrait.

2nd Day. Examples of portraiture. Paint a portrait of your choice. Cat talks you through everything brilliantly. Bring in an excellent photo of someone = Print it out onto paper and make sure it has a lot of tone = dark and light areas. Don't be too ambitious with the 'angle' of the portrait.

You paint in a Professional Art Studio: JoeDaisy Studio, Dons Yad, Mapledurham, Oxon. ALL ART MATERIALS SUPPLIED

We Bring Out the Artist in YOU!!

Cat's Portraits were featured in New Artist Magazine May 2016 and one of her student's was selected for the 'Portrait Artist of the Year' competition

Begin portraits


Royal Talens Amsterdam acrylic paint = great professional acrylic paint.

DaVinci brushes = the best professional brushes in our opinion!!

SMALL TO MEDIUM OR LARGE Royal Talens canvases


AT JOEDAISY STUDIO = Dons Yard, Mapledurham = just outside Reading, Berkshire

1st Day

9.45am Arrive at Studio in Mapledurham, Berkshire. (Dons Yard, Mapleduram, RG4 7TP) . We have a large car park if you are driving. Have breakfast at our Guest House if you stayed the night before. (All details are sent when you book).

Come up to the upstairs lounge and have a coffee, tea or water. Meet your fellow artists.

10.0am Your tutor welcomes you to the studio, explains the weekend and tells you about herself. You are encouraged to tell us a bit about yourself (if you want to) and what you particularly want from the painting weekend. Everyone is nervous but there is always laughter and fun!!

Then choose your painting station downstairs in the studio. Everyone has their own painting table, easel, chair. Professional paints, professional brushes and canvases. We take a maximum of 7 students per class.

The weekend begins.

Tea & Coffee is available any time - just help yourself - the studio is YOURS for the weekend. Do what you gotta do!!

Our Aim is to 'Bring out the Artist in You' - we DO NOT just paint and let you copy us. We motivate, inspire and teach originally. Our tutors have outstanding knowledge, great patience and a sense of humour = Perfect!

12.30am Lunch in the upstairs lounge. A delicious fresh buffet with wine. (A glass of wine often helps you paint EVEN BETTER in the afternoon!) Or eat outside if weather is good

JoeDaisy studio painting weekends

1.0pm Back to painting

5.0pm Day Ends

You either go home or come to our Guest House and eat out with the group across the road at a good pub/restaurant. (The Pack Horse, Mapledurham)


2nd DAY

9.30am Arrive at 9.30 this morning. Your tutor will talk you through (again!) your perfect fine art composition. REMEMBER we do not impose our will on you but YOU develop your skills and talent.

Often everyone goes straight upstairs for a coffee and chinwag with each other about today's painting! Students are still seen with heads in art books, pencils on drawing pads or flicking through ipads!

Beginners acrylic painting weekends
The studio stands in the shadow of the historic Mapledurham House and a few seconds to the River Thames and famous watermill.

You are advised on the colours to use, the brush to use in each space. Your tutor will let you be as 'contemporary' or 'traditional' as you require. There are many ways to paint a painting so your tutor will help you make decisions.

Concepts, approach, style, technicalities etc are discussed depending on which workshop you are attending.

12.30am Lunch in the upstairs lounge. A delicious fresh buffet with wine. (A glass of wine often helps you paint EVEN BETTER in the afternoon!) Or outside if weather is good.

1.0pm Back to painting - where we complete your 2nd professional painting

3.0-3.30pm Day Ends - Group photo (which we send you) along with teaching notes about your chosen painting weekend.

Your tutor is only there for you. She is NOT painting her own paintings but gives you constant attention and help.

Every student is encouraged to 'Develop their Own Style'. We have everything you need in the studio for experimental work, (all art products). etc

We also offer email support after you have completed a painting weekend. You can also pop into our weekday workshops.

Tel:0118 9483155 for any help.